Sunday, 26 December 2010

A Year of CR@Blogging

Twelve months after opening the CR@B Shack for business
I'm feeling creative and festive and a tiny bit reflective,
So between Christmas Day and my site's first jubilee
I present this gift to you in the form of poetry...

I may not always publish or post an awful lot
For life sometimes gets in the way of my blog,
But I’m proud of my writing and I enjoy it too,
And I’m ever so grateful to followers like you,
Taking time to digest my “expert” opinion,
Occasionally leaving a comment of (dis)agreement,
You let me know my voice is heard loud and clear
And I look forward to reviewing bounteous more this next year.

Snappy Holidays to all,
I trust you're having a good one,
Don't forget to keep checking back to

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