Friday, 25 June 2010


A year ago you left the earth
To reside in heaven away from hurt
Away from ignorance and prejudice
Away from those jealous of your success.

Now you are free; truly invincible
But so cruelly taken before you could show
That you never let their lies get you down
That you never, not ever, relinquished your crown.

With us you will live on forever more
Your remarkable voice will sing and soar
Your energy and passion will inspire and delight
Your love will warm those who miss your light.

Your gift to us was your legacy
And the joy you gave so selflessly
Now let us reimburse your life cut short
Now let us celebrate the King of Pop.

by Christopher Howard


  1. this a very nice poem that you worte for michael! rip mj!

  2. @Telia

    Thank you for reading, enjoying and taking the time to comment on my poem.

    MJ is and has been an idol of mine for nearly 20 years now (I'm 26), so releasing a burst of creativity on the anniversary of his death really was the least I could do :)