Friday, 16 April 2010

Prelude To The Cherrytree

Single Review: “ONCE” – Diana Vickers
Sony Music Entertainment UK/RCA
Released: 19th April 2010

16 months after her smoky vocals made a splash on 2008’s The X Factor, and following a critically acclaimed 3 month stint playing the lead in the revived West End production of The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, Diana Vickers is back to launch an assault on the UK charts with her debut single “Once”, followed by the enigmatically-titled album Songs From The Tainted Cherrytree, due for release May 3rd – and she’s still only 18!!

Taking the time to work alongside some top writers and producers , find her sound and craft a more personal and authentic album (yes, Diana had a hand in the writing process), rather than rush out a second-rate collection overflowing with predictably familiar cover versions, was a brave but ultimately more rewarding route for the young songstress, and based on the four tracks present on “Once”, I can’t believe Cherrytree will be tainted at all.


1. Once (3:09)
Written by Cathy Dennis and Eg White
A confident statement and perfect choice for first single, "Once" is bright, percussive, electro-tinged fun in a short, sharp radio-friendly shot. I was hooked to this pop gem after only hearing it, well, once…

2. Sunlight (3:58)
Written by Mark Owen
Smooth, reflective verses make way for a rousing chorus on this Mark Owen-penned B-side, which compliments the opening track well. The (modern) Take That influence is clear; "Sunlight" evokes a lush, affable tone akin to "Rule The World".

3. Jumping Into Rivers (Frou Frou Central Mix) (3:30)
Written by Diana Vickers, Ellie Goulding and Guy Sigsworth
I haven’t yet heard the original album version, but if it’s even half as fun as this quirky remix from Frou Frou’s Guy Sigsworth, then I’ll be smiling for hours. "Jumping Into Rivers" screams ‘summer’ with a bohemian vibe in keeping with Diana’s indie image.

4. Four Leaf Clover (Acoustic Version) (3:36)
Written by Diana Vickers and Chris Braide
A more subtle track, this, though that may be because it’s a stripped down take of an album track. Personally, "Four Leaf Clover" is the weakest song on this set, but still a tender ballad and suitably mellow encore utilizing Diana’s wounded vocals.

CR@B Verdict: A solid and well-rounded reintroduction to the distinguishably-larynxed Ms. Vickers ahead of her debut album in May. You’ll certainly want to listen to this catchy pop hit more than "Once".


  1. Listen to Four Leaf Clover a few more times, it's such a grower its unreal! Liked the review though =)

  2. Thanks for the comment, Ant, hope you stick around and keep reading :)

    Funny you should mention that FLC is a grower, having just listened to the single AGAIN (I've lost count already, and I only received it this morning!), I did start to appreciate it more. May call for a reappraisal in the near future!

  3. Well said Ant! Sort it now CR@B! It's the highlight of the single! BTW, if you haven't heard the album yet you are in for a BIG (and pleasant) suprise!

    Thanks for +ive review!

  4. @roverdean Thanks for the comment :)

    I appreciate FLC may be a grower, but it didn't grab me in the same way the other 3 tracks did, instantly.

    To each their own; there's a diverse spectrum of styles even on this 4-track single & different people will have different favourites.

    Haven't heard the album yet - can't wait now! Also going to see her live on her tour in May.

  5. Nice review Cr@b. Got my copy today & agree 4LC is a grower. Saw Diana live in Blackburn - she was exceptional. A Digital Spy report today says that Diana is supporting JLS on their tour. This is as well as doing her own tour! My guess is that The Boy who Murdered Love will be her next single (think there is a bit of a theme going on there) I've heard samples of every track on the album and reckon that Diana Vickers is a very talented young lady indeed. You will really enjoy seeing her live in May of that I have no doubt - she is a powerful performer and you are in for a real treat!

  6. @Anonymous

    Thanks for your comments. She certainly seems busy - it's amazing that her single/album haven't even been released yet & she's already in demand! :)

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed your review Mr Howard =D i did enjoy her voice on xfactor, i also enjoyed your witty "once" lines =] Hope you are well x

  8. Hello Nicola *waves*

    Thank you for reading and commenting :) How are you? How's animation? How's Luxenburg? So many questions, lol. I am also enjoying your blog too - though there's a distinct lack of any CR@B drawings!! lol.

  9. Luxembourg is going well thank you and im enjoying my learning experiences in animation =)

    I finished animating for a childrens tv show 2 months ago when it comes out and i know where to find it i shall send you a link if you are interested =)

    I would glady place a CR@B drawing up on my blog if i knew what a CR@B drawing could look like! i shall remedy this i have a fun thought =D

    Hope you are well also, lubbing the blog!

  10. @Nicola

    *embarrassed at how I misspelt LuxeMboUrg - sorry!*

    I would love to see the TV show, please do send me the linkage :)

    Would be SO GREAT to see your take on "CR@B" - my MS Paint avatar is looking major pathetic!! :-(

    Thanx for the blogging kudos :)